Baínha Socks – Illustration


With this socks we’re supporting the Textile sector.

“Being my work based on my own day to day life, when facing the challenge to draw something about the textile sector I started looking around I have noticed that…I was surrounded by innumerous forms and fabrics. I am proud to say that I own various home and clothing products made in Portugal, and therefore it is a pleasure to help this sector with my illustrations.”

-Lara Luís



Oferta dos portes de envio nacionais a partir do segundo par. Internacionais a partir do terceiro par.

Free shipping for national addresses when buying two packs of socks. Free shipping for international address when buying three packs of socks.

Até este momento já angariámos 47€ para o Têxtil | Textile– Academia do Johnson

Cada unidade vai acrescentar 1€ ao valor já angariado!

So far we gathered 47€ for Têxtil | Textile– Academia do Johnson

Each unit will add 1€ to the value already gathered!

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Our socks are crafted in looms with 168 needles using combed cotton ensuring the best balance between freshness and durability. Without stitches for a superior comfort.

Composition: 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane.
Recommendations: Wash inside out and below temperature 40ºC (140ºF). Do not dry, dry clean or iron.

Our product is made in collaboration with national partners ensuring good working conditions and a fair compensation along the full value chain.


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